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    Media based apps

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  • Citizen.BG
  • Pumbble
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    Finlandia 101
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    Donate blood
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  • My Rights
    Pravata Mi
  • Supermarket
  • Coca-Cola Zero
    Coca-Cola Zero
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    Teachers Quiz
  • Zagorka Ring Pull
    Zagorka Ring Pull
  • myHealth
  • Summer Taste
    Your Summer Taste

Our Digital Mobile Reality

We are Digimark. We are Dreamers. We live in a digital world, so do you. But we love ours. Every day we invent. We design our mobile reality. And we do it great. Every morning we get up with passion about creating our future. We see no boundaries and no boxes. We dream about helping global community and bringing tools that make our life happier and easier. Our world is amazing, every day!
We can design your mobile world, as well. And we will exceed your expectations. Try us and you will be really impressed! Keep Dreaming!

What our clients say about us

DigiMark is a mobile software development company providing tailor made applications for the four major mobile platforms iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8.

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