The company who runs a river port in Portugal usually has lots of school visits to its facilities. So, having that in mind, they wish to have a small app with a game so the kids visiting the place could play. The idea is to have a simple game (lets say Android only for now) with the following idea:

  • The main goal of Douro's app is to create awareness in young kids (under 12 years old) of the importance of having a clean, well maintained and navigable waterway (river).
  • It should transmit this knowledge while having a fun and challenging tone - in a game format. The game can have fictitious design elements, but it should be complemented with realistic information and multimedia (like pictures) about Douro River, to fulfil its educative role.
  • It should have some different levels such as moving without chocking with objects, cleaning manually the river’s garbage, controlling many ships at the same time and trying not to crash them, or other similar activity.
  • This can be complemented with some kind of easy interactive quiz with questions or pictures from the real Douro river at the end of each level per example. So, we can go in different directions - since the creative part of the storyline will be developed by turn, we can adapt to what you think it would be better in terms of development.

An example of the storyline is the following:

Level 1 - Avoid the Obstacles
You are in charge of driving a Rabelo boat. You must lead your cargo from Régua to Porto on time, but the river is dirty and some obstacles can delay you or even stop your boat. Avoid them to reach the destination on time. Message: the Douro river needs to be taken care. Never use it as dumpster and remember that many fishes live there!

Level 2 - Clean the River
It's time to clean the river so everyone can dive in it in the summer! With your boat, collect as much garbage as you can!

Level 3 - Control the traffic
The river is now clean. But not yet ready to welcome so many boats, so the challenge here is to coordinate the entrance and exit of several boats at the port. As the time passes, more and more boats arrive and the more difficult it gets For now this is what we have. What do you think we can do? We will start developing the storyline very soon.









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