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Czar World

Explore areas as a local would. Expert created GPS routes ensure users will be able to guide themselves with ease through the backcountry without relying on cell phone reception. Pick your activity of choice: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, surf and more to find, learn and explore expert created routes in many locations. Visit
• Czar local expert-created digital breadcrumb trails for users to follow.
• Explore routes by activity
• Apple Maps directs you to the route start checkpoint.
• Digital GPS checkpoints take you from start to finish
• Uniquely designed pointer directs user to each checkpoint
• Routes are split into segments for ease of navigation
• Each segment is measured in miles and kilometers for convenience
• Checkpoints include photos for reference
• Watch video footage of routes
• Obtain expert descriptions, ratings and difficulty assessments
• Sign into CzarWorld using existing Google+ and Facebook profiles for application and website.

• Save choice routes by pressing the star button for offline use.
• Starred routes are saved to “My Routes.” Offline-ready to function with or without cell phone reception.
• Saved routes can be accessed and synced through application and website with user profile SHARING
• Share activities on Facebook and Twitter
• Access to blog page for periodical Czar updates and information
• Comment on routes and exchange useful information amongst other Czar enthusiasts
• Designed to minimize battery usage when in use


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 August 2014

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