GoTeen is an app, targeting kids and teenagers at the age of 10-16. The aim of the project is to minimize as much as possible their tendency to aggression and develop a strong, creative and positive to the world young generation. As a form of a game entertaining and funny tasks will be given to the participants, which should be done in real time. The tasks difficulty will be upgraded accordingly. Allowed participants: 10-16. The tasks will be tightly connected with the development of the following values and qualities: healthiness; personal care; sports spirit; self-confidence; learning-loving; art; volunteering; communicating; social skills; responsibility. The participants will be given prizes when positive, useful and constructive abilities are shown. GoTeen is a project of the foundation Tzvetan Tzvetanov. The foundation is non-governmental and registered in use of the society.


 iOS, Android


 iPhone, iPad, Android Devices




 June 2014

 Direct Client

 Fondation "Tzvetan Tzanov"

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 Fondation "Tzvetan Tzanov"


 Fondation "Tzvetan Tzanov"



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